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Pre-Fabricated Orthotics


The revolutionary design of the DynaFlange™ orthotic provides something brand new: elastic energy. The patented flange is ‘self-leveling’ and thus protects against compressive forces as it generates a rejuvenating and propulsive energy.


The world’s first ‘neurologically tuned’ foot orthotic. Traditional foot orthotics have been provided better balance and foot posture for decades. DynaFlange™ raises the bar to an entirely new level.

The revolutionary design of the DynaFlange™ has an impressive effect on spinal posture and the entire gait cycle. Studied at Noraxon USA, a worldwide leader in human biomechanics research and bioinformatics, the DynaFlange™ was found to improve center of pressure and stability throughout the gait cycle. In other words, better posture. Less pain.

How Does It Work?

DynaFlange™ a new method of proprioceptive stimulation to awaken the nervous system, moving it out of a stuck posture with every step. The DynaFlange™ is also proven to improve shock absorption, making it ideal for patients with heel, knee and low back pain.

Pre-Fabricated Orthotics

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